Bulk Carrier Delivered By Naikai Zosen Setoda Yard

bulk carrier delivered by
naikai zosen setoda yard

The 26,977-dwt bulk carrier Seagrand Ace, constructed at the Setoda Shipyard of Naikai Zosen, an affiliate of Hitachi Zosen, was delivered recently to Seagrand Company, Ltd.

The new vessel is a diesel-driven, singlescrew, single-decker type bulk carrier, with an aft engine room, forecastle, and poop. With cargo space divided into five holds, the ship can carry not only bulk cargoes but also lumber, rolled steel coils, ore, and general cargoes. Lumber can also be carried on deck. The No. 5 hold is equipped with a 25-ton Thompson derrick, and the other four holds are each provided with a 25-ton deck crane for efficient cargo handling. Hatch covers are of watertight box construction, designed to permit easy and quick operation by a single deck-crane-driven wire rope.

The Seagrand Ace has an overall length of 172.50 meters, beam of 23.10 meters, depth of 14.75 meters, and full-load draft of 10.62 meters (566 by 75.8 by 48.4 by 34.8 feet).

Main propulsion is provided by a single Hitachi/B&W diesel engine, model 8L55GFC. Maximum continuous output is 10,700 bhp at 150 rpm, which gave a trial speed of 17.76 knots. Normal engine output is 9,750 bhp at 145 rpm providing a full-load service speed of 14.8 knots.

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