New Dredging Unit Being Built For Use On Tenn-Tom

DredgeMasters International, Inc., Hendersonville, Tenn., a subsidiary of Valley Industries, has signed a contract for the manufacture of a 24-inch DuraMaster portable dredge. The heavy-duty machine, which will be the largest factory-built portable dredge in the U.S., is a part of a ^ - m i l - lion-plus package purchased by Phillips and Jordan Construction Company, Knoxville, Tenn.

The first major project for the dredge will be a four and one-half mile section of the Tennessee- Tombigbee Waterway near Aberdine, Miss. It will involve excavating and moving approximately 8.5-million cubic yards of material on the historic waterway.

The new dredge will feature a 3,600-hp EMD, 20-cylinder engine, with Cummins diesel auxiliary power and ac generating systems. The main pump will be a DMI HydraMaster model HDM- 80-28x24, with a 28-inch suction and a 24-inch discharge. It will be fitted with a 70-foot ladder section, capable of digging to depths of 50 feet. It will have a 900-hp cutter and be capable of producing in excess of 1,000 cubic yards of material per operating hour. Delivery is scheduled for November 1981.

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