Perkins Marketing Light Marine Engines As Power Prestige Line

—Literature Available According to a recent announcement, Perkins' range of light commercial marine diesel engines have been given a new look. The engines, comprising 16 different units, will now be marketed as Power Prestige. This range includes Perkins' newest Prima and Perama small diesels, the well-established four and sixcylinder medium-sized Range 4 engines and the V8 and V12 units built at Perkins' Shrewsbury (U.K.) factory. Power Prestige makes a clear separation between Perkins' light commercial engines and its range of heavy-duty commercial units known as HD Power.

Perkins' marine sales manager John Spencer explained that, "Power Prestige reflects our commitment to building marine engines tailored to precise market needs. It means the customer knows certain that the engine he is buying has been developed specifically for his kind of use." Perkins North America, Atlanta, Ga., has been in the diesel engine market for over 25 years. Perkins offers diesel engines for a wide range of applications, from 10 to 1,200 hp.

For detailed literature describing the complete line of Perkins Power Prestige diesel engines,

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