M . A . N . - B & W Holds Wo r l d w i d e 4 - S t r o k e Diesel Sales Conference

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L i t e r a t u r e O f f e r ed More than 100 members of M.A.N.-B&W Diesel's worldwide four-stroke division sales force convened in Augsburg, Germany, to celebrate the 2,000th anniversary of the city where the diesel engine was born.

The focus of their meetings, however, was not on the city's illustrious past—or their company's long and distinguished history. Instead, participants in the three-day annual conference concentrated their deliberations on ways to further improve M.A.N.-B&W Diesel's range of sales and services to its global network of customers.

During a series of working sessions, teams of diesel sales specialists considered a wide variety of techniques for enhancing the company's position as a world leader in the design and construction of engines for propulsion and power-generation systems. Each working team presented its recommendations to conference participants through a designated spokesman.

The team topic which was subsequently voted "best" was presented by Edward A. Waryas (U.S.A.), the elected spokesman for the team.

In the presentation, entitled, "How to Identify and Satisfy Cus- tomer Needs," Mr. Waryas noted that it is not enough in today's highly competitive environment simply to present M.A.N.-B&W as "the original diesel engine company . . . the first company to develop a marine diesel... or the company by which all other diesel manufacturers are measured.

"To effectively serve our customers, we must strive constantly to provide caring attention through all phases of newbuilding and repower- ing contracts—and particularly the after-sales period." Management and sales staff selected this winning topic as best representing one of the top priorities for the future of the M.A.N.- B&W Diesel Corporation.

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